Arcade Map Pack

Kanes wrath Arcade maps
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  • Lastest version F04
  • File Count 6
  • Downloads 1326
  • Create Date May 18, 2023
  • Last Updated June 4, 2024
  • Latest version is F04

    F04 - Latest
    F04 - Latest
    F03 - Outdated
    F03 - Outdated
    F02 - Outdated
    F02 - Outdated
    F01e - Outdated
    F01e - Outdated
    F01c - Outdated
    F01c - Outdated
    F01b - Outdated
    F01b - Outdated

Arcade Standalone Installer included.

Arcade F04 changelog 05/05/2024

  • Handicap now weakens the AI in game mode GG, AOD, TD and TM
  • Engineers can now stack with other engineers. The maps below have therefore been repaired
    Tiberium Blood Arena
    Tiberium Razor
    Tiberium Blood
    Super delux Arena
    Future War Arena
  • Green Four map has been updated to v3.1: added Ioncannon, EMP, fixed AI not always following the path and the money script has been updated.
  • Two Lanes TD map desynchronisation has been solved
  • Added latest Patch for Arcade FFA maps R21j
  • Added customized R21 patch for GG, AOD, TD and TM maps (Original game handicap & Enigeers)
    Special thanks to masterleaf for helping fixing the engineer

Games and Gamble [GG]

Play games with your friends and against your human friends.
This mappack is one of the popular games of kanes wrath, a must have !!

Art of Defense [AOD]

Defend against the burtal attacks from the AI.
You have to defend yourself against the many waves, play alone or together with your friend!

Free For All [FFA]

Some nice FFA maps to play with your friend or AI.
You can play with teams as well but remember these ain't the usual maps.

Tower Defense [TD]

Play single or with your friend and beat the AI.
This is all about defending against AI waves.

Tank Missions [TM]

These are great games to play with your friends, the objective is to reach the end of the map.
spoiler alert "it won't be easy"


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