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Command post App for kanes wrath
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The ultimate app for C&C3 KW content

About Command Post?

If you are an active Kane's Wrath player and use community content such as patches/mappacks, Command Post is a must-have tool!

Command Post is a desktop app for Kane's Wrath which allows you to manage all your Kane's Wrath content, including-

  • Replays: Share, download and manage your replays easily
  • Patches/Mods: Install your favorite Patches/Mods and Add-ons such as 4K Mod, OneVision, Patch 1.03
  • Mappacks: Install and manage mappacks such as 1.02+, 1.03, Neon Mappacks
  • Custom Maps: Easily install the latest and best custom maps

Command Post automatically keeps your Patches and Maps updated to the latest versions.
It also allows you to enable different Patches/Mods easily, and resolve conflicts between them.

Other key features-

  • Sign-up and play in Tournaments/Leagues! All major events are hosted through Command Post's automated system.
  • Download and watch Replays from players' Match History and Tournaments
  • Easily watch Replays from any older Patch/Mappack versions
  • View detailed statistics such as Player/Faction winrates, Popular Maps etc
  • VPN Servers to play over LAN/Network
    ... and much more! 

How to setup and register on Command Post-

  1. Download and install Command Post from the above link
  2. Once opened, click Register on bottom-right corner
  3. Create an account by providing a Username, Email and Password
  4. You're set! You have full access to all features - patches, maps, replays, tournaments, match history and much more!

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