Kane’s Wrath Classic

Kanes wrath Classic mod
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  • Version v2
  • File Size 1.85 MB
  • File Count 2
  • Downloads 157
  • Create Date October 1, 2023
  • Last Updated January 4, 2024

Remember the good old times when Kane's Wrath was more flowing game before patch 1.01+ changed it?
the times when we cold play it without hearing "insufficient funds" every half minute and see how our units, upgrades, and support powers didn't felt so weak to the point we ask ourselves "why we even spend so much time and money on them in the first place?"

And above all having a brutal A.I. that wasn't falling apart?
Kane's Wrath Classic aiming to fix that! Bringing back most of the well known C&C balances and gameplay to how it was in version 1.00.

Including the bugfixs, out of syncs fixes, And the ability to play online again :D!


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