R21 2vs2 Map Pack

R20 Patch Kanes Wrath 2023

1.02+ R21 Change List

Global Changes

R21j (Hotfix)

  • The Mantis has undergone a rework, now featuring a singular turret instead of two. Attack delay from the Warfactory has been reduced to 3 seconds from 5 seconds, reload time reduced from 4s to 3s.
  • Black Hand squads no longer deal +67% damage when upgraded with Purifying Flame (R21i specific issue).
  • Redzone Rampage added to 2vs2 ranked. 
  • The maps “Estrella”, “Rolling Thunder” and “Gold Rush” have been updated. 
  • Four new maps have been added to the 4v4 map pack: “Johns Refuge”, “Desolated Forest”, “Separated Ways” and “The Last Threshold”.
  • The Tiberium Spikes located in the corners on the map “Hampstead Gardens” have been moved.


  • Nod faction MCV’s geometry has been adjusted so they get stuck less often on terrain, structures.
  • Mammoth tank damage vs aircraft decreased by 25%.
  • Venom unupgraded minigun damage vs aircraft increased by 10%.
  • A visual bug where Raider Buggy Detectors would always show has been fixed.
  • Tiberium fields have been optimized further for performance.
  • Purifying Flame Black Hand squads and Black Disciples now deal 125 damage from 75, the 50 unupgraded damage no longer stacks.
  • Magnetic Mines will no longer display visual fx on Dozer Blade Reckoners/Scorpion Tanks.
  • A mod related issue where Black Hand and Nod Engineers could not be crushed has been fixed. 
  • Infantry icons removed from the V35 Ox Vehicle Transport, particle fx removed from the formation preview.
  • The Disintegrator weapon on the Mechapede Head has been given a wider attack angle (10d to 90d) due to this unit no longer always facing the target.
  • The Behemoth formation preview has been improved.
  • All Tiberium Crystals spawned by Overlords Wrath can now be charged from with Devourer Tanks and Reaper Tripods.
  • Mines laid down by GDI APC’s now display an orange accent instead of red for Nod.
  • Shadow Teams will no longer un-stealth briefly while lifting off.
  • Units exiting a Wormhole that is in stasis will now also get stasis’d. Video: https://youtu.be/bX6snuuvVf0
  • The Redeemer death voice sound volume has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug where shielded Scrin aircraft are destroyed with the EMP support power.
  • The Slingshot formation preview no longer shows dust and dirt fx.
  • Black Hand squads and Black Disciples will no longer suppress themselves with Purifying Flame upgraded.
  • The Mantis has undergone a rework, now featuring a singular turret instead of two. Attack delay from the Warfactory has been reduced to 3 seconds from 5 seconds, while the reload time remains unchanged.
  • Mantis animation states and weapon fx bones have been fixed. Video: https://youtu.be/9Z-SxANUsU8
  • Fanatic cost reduced from 700$ to 600$.
  • Outpost cost reduced from 1400$ to 1300$.
  • GDI/ZOCOM Armory now heals infantry in 2.0s from 5s.
  • Corruptor heal rate increased on the Eradicator hexapod by 15% (15 to 17). Mechapede heal rate on the Eradicator Hexapod no longer nerfed (now heals for 5 instead of 4 per shot).
  • Engineers will no longer move out of the way for allied units.
  • Fixed a bunch of EVA alerts not playing on some units.
  • Redemption can now be used on BH, MoK militant rocket squads and Fanatic squads as well as the MoK shadow team. Redemption now works on allied infantry as well.
  • PAC damage vs Stealth Tanks decreased a further 10%.
  • Cranes now give infantry squads when sold off.
  • Zone Trooper/Zone Raider Power Pack delay per heal reduced from 2s to 1s.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented the Marked of Kane Quad Turret Shredder Turret from firing while Really Damaged.
  • Three maps made by Aquatech have been added to the 1vs1 map pack: “Riverside”, “Estrella” and “Goldrush”. The 3 player map “Unfair Advantage” has been included in the 2vs2 map pack.
  • The maps “Tournament Island” and “Island Temple” have been removed.
  • Engineers will no longer run around the defensive towers instead of capturing them on “Tournament Decision No Poker”.
  • “Mushroom Party”, “Tournament Decision” and “Tournament Dustbowl” have been removed from the ranked list.


  • Bugs and flickering with shields stealthed units has been fixed. (video demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2lc8kBfJL0 ).
  • MoK Super Charged Particle Beam upgrade time reduced to from 75s to 60s. (vanilla upgrade duration is also 60s).
  • The Enlightened green Charged Particle Beam damage increased by 10%. 
  • Fixed a mod related issue where the EMP center could not be repaired with the repair tool. 
  • Scorpion Tank armor reduced overall to +20% with Dozer Blades. 
  • Epic Units will no longer die when teleported with a Prodigy/Mastermind in certain areas on certain maps. 
  • The Wolverine now shows the damaged texture when destroyed. 
  • Mechapede shard range range increased from 315 to 325. (vanilla had 325 range).
  • PAC's now show detectors with Ion Storm enabled, spotlights now work again on the avatar/pacs/seekers. 
  • Vertigo Bomb weapon speed increased by 10% (200 to 220). (To ensure moving tripods cant dodge it).  
  • Avatar stealth detection spotlight now displays in the correct place.
  • BH Specter shadow no longer flickers. 
  • Infestation Hive XP bug has been fixed. 
  • Ravager Tiberium Agitation range reduced from 350 to 300.


  • Fixed a mod related issue where the heroic MARV garrisoned with Zone Troopers would not shoot.
  • The delay before the EMP ability is available on The Awakened has been reduced from 2.5s to 1.75s.
  • The Prodigy and Mastermind delay on teleport units has been reduced from 25 to 0.2s.
  • The EMP support power of the neutral structure has had its targeting decal size to be more representative of its real radius.
  • GDI faction Refinery rods no longer show when the structure is damaged or really damaged.
  • Further optimizations have been made to the harvester functions in the Lua script.
  • Black Hand squads will no longer suppress themselves with their own weapon.
  • Mechapede Toxin segment damage vs infantry increased by 100% (3 to 6).
  • Fixed a mod related issue where Tiberium Agitation could not be used to target Blue Tiberium Harvesters.
  • The delay after the Eradicator Hexapod has used it’s own ‘Teleport Eradicator’ ability has been reduced by 0.75s.
  • The Saboteur Boobytrap ability range has been increased to correlate with the geometry fix.
  • Behemoth Husks will no longer play the ‘Coming out of factory’ animation after being captured by an Engineer.
  • Ion Cannon and Power Plant night lights have been removed from the build placement cursor.
  • Eradicator Hexapod Heroic Disintegrator effects added. Now all Disintegrator segments display their lasers and unique distortion fx at the same time when firing.
  • Vertigo Bombers will no longer bug trying to cast a Disruption Pod and will do so normally.
  • New Pitbull idle, move and attack animations have been added, adapted from the EA released art pack.
  • Blue Tiberium on Tournament Oasis, Tournament Towerless, Tournament Savannah and Smashed Dustbowl now starts at 1, growth rate reduced from 20s to 25s.
  • Sensor Pods and Disruption Pod projectiles now travel a bit faster, speed increased from 200 to 250.
  • Tiberium Vein Detonation damage now occurs after 3.0s instead of 3.5s.
  • The Eradicator Hexapod Disintegrator segments now use the correct bone references.
  • Vertigo Disruption Pod’s now appear smooth when attached to units that are moving. Furthermore they are no longer selectable on attached units (just like the Orca Sensor Pods).


  • Fixed a mod related issue where Reckoners would not target properly.


  • Firehawks, Mechapedes, Flame Tanks, and ZOCOM Orcas can now destroy friendly husks if force-fired.
  • Corruptors and Toxin Mechapedes now heal allied Annihilator Tripod and Reaper Tripod husks.
  • Mechapedes now follow rally points set at the Warp Sphere and Warp Chasm as before.
  • The bug where Engineers/Saboteurs and Assimilators die through structure geometry while capturing has been fixed.
  • Engineers/Saboteurs and Assimilators now play the correct sound for capturing and repairing structures.
  • The Hammerhead target cursor against aircraft now only works with anti-aircraft infantry garrisoned inside.
  • A Harvester inconsistency has been fixed with Black Hand, Scrin, Traveler-59, and Reaper-17 Harvesters.
  • The Avatar and Purifier husk now display the correct texture on a equipped flame tank.
  • Fixed a bug where Nod harvesters don't display any contained Tiberium while harvesting Blue Tiberium.
  • Upgrade models have been removed for the building placement cursor on the GDI airfield, Nod Tech Lab, Nod Hangar, and Nod Operations Center.
  • Tiberium Vein Detonation has been reworked and now uses the EA implementation for only applying damage within the radius. The vein detonation damage begins after 3.5 seconds and deals 80 damage per update, increased from 60. The final detonation damage remains the same. Aircraft are no longer affected.
  • Bridge segments on the map "Battlebase Beaverton" no longer show health bars.
  • Christmas themed maps made by Zypherbullet have been added to the 1v1 map pack and are located in the in-game lobby by searching for the [R21 Xmas] prefix.
  • The following maps have been adjusted: Smashed Dustbowl (remake), Tournament Savannah, Tournament Odyssey Redzone, Tournament Towerless and Tournament Oasis.


  • A 0.25s delay has been added to the Prodigy/Mastermind 'Teleport Units' ability after units have been selected to prevent this ability from failing.
  • The Awakened and The Enlightened can now be repaired by repair drones. The repair rate on these units has been adjusted for balance.
  • The "EMP Strike" ability found on the EMP Control Station now functions correctly on shielded Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers.
  • The Drone Ship locomotor has been adjusted so rotation appears smoother.
  • Phase Field and the Mastermind/Prodigy "Teleport Units" ability will no longer work on units affected by the Redeemer's "Rage Generator" ability.
  • Scrin faction Storm Columns will now spawn a Buzzer when sold off.
  • A bug where decoy Attack Bikes inflict real damage has been fixed.
  • The Devourer Tank and Reaper Tripod "Conversion Beam" ability reload time has been reduced from 10s to 3s as a workaround for the occasional bug where charging fails.
  • Warfactories can once again use their ability to repair aircraft.
  • An issue which caused Harvesters harvesting Blue Tiberium to display Green Tiberium has been fixed.
  • A serious game breaking exploit has been fixed without giving more details.
  • The maps "Tournament Oasis" and "Smashed Dustbowl Redzone" have been added to the map pack. Full credit goes to DesolatorTrooper for making these maps.
  • The following maps have been added to the ranked map pool: "Tournament Oasis", "Smashed Dustbowl Redzone" and "Tournament Savannah".
  • The Blue Tiberium Field on the map "Tournament Savannah" now grows at a slower rate.


  • The delay before Surveyors and Emissary's spawn has been removed.
  • The GDI, Nod Construction Yard and Scrin Drone Platform pack time has been adjusted to be more inline with the animation frames, this should make packing them up and moving afterwards more responsive.
  • Allies can now build around Outposts.
  • Expansion Point ground control radius increased from 200 to 275.
  • Defensive Tower vision range increased from 400 to 525 to match weapon range.
  • Harvester geometry changed to fix a bug where Harvesters get stuck at the entrance on other Harvesters.
  • More area around the player spawns on Redzone Rampage can grow Tiberium.
  • Emissary, Surveyor and Explorer cost reduced from 1500$ to 1400$.
  • On the map Tournament Odyssey it is no longer possible to hide units in the edges of the map.
  • Garrisoned units no longer shoot whilst trapped in a Stasis Shield.
  • The installer will now install language files correctly.

       GDI/Nod faction Harvesters will now spawn either a Green or Blue Tiberium Crystal on death
       depending on the following conditions:

  • If two or more of the Tiberium bars display Blue Tiberium it will spawn a Blue Tiberium Crystal
  • If the Harvester has one Blue Tiberium bar a Green Tiberium Crystal will spawn.
  • If the Harvester contains only Green Tiberium it will spawn a Green Tiberium Crystal.
  • Harvesters containing no Tiberium will not spawn any crystal.

          destroyed havester Kanes wrath

GDI Global

  • Sniper Team reliability vs fast moving targets has been improved.
  • Grenadier projectile speed increased from 180 to 220.
  • EMP Grenade delay increased from 0.45s to 0.75s.
  • Ion Cannon beam stage damage increased from 1500 to 2500 allowing it to destroy fenced tier 3  and health equivalent buildings.


Nod Global

  • Nod Support Airfield geometry adjusted so it doesn't occupy as much space. 
  • Shadow Team range increased from 225 to 240.
  • Fixed Beam Cannons not unstealthing when shooting under a Disruption Tower.
  • Reckoner Dozer Blades increased from +25% to 30%. Dozer Blade Scorpion Tank rocket armor reduced from +25% to +20%.
  • Nod Sam Turret Hub geometry reduced so its hitbox represents its actual size.
  • Vertigo anti air damage increased from 55 to 60.
  • The Redeemer rocket garrison now has a clip size of 3 but its anti air damage scaler has been reduced from +200% to +135%.
  • Tiberium Core Missile Attack Bikes have a 180% damage bonus against Orcas and Venoms instead of 200%, allowing both to survive one shot.
  • Venoms will now de-stealth when using the “Reflector Beam” ability under a Disruption Tower.



  • Nod Confessor leaders now get the Tiberium Infusion +10% health bonus.
  • Charged Particle Beam upgrade has been added back to Nod Confessors in the rare instance it happens in a team match.


Marked of Kane

  • Tiberium Trooper hp increased from 350 to 400.
  • Tiberium Trooper movement speed increased from 45 to 55 without upgrade (to match the Black Hand Squad), speed with upgrade remains the same.
  • Redeemer Tiberium Trooper hardpoint range increased from 250 to 275.
  • Marked of Kane Tiberium Infusion upgrade cost reduced from 1000$ to 500$, upgrade duration remains the same, at 30s.
  • Awakened EMP duration reverted to 5s and a 2s delay has been added before EMP can be used from the Hand of Nod or from sold off structures.


Scrin Global

  • The Mastermind and Prodigy Manipulator Device ability now gets canceled if the targeted structure is sold off or destroyed during the delay.
  • Shock Trooper pre disc damage increased from 75 to 83.
  • Eradicator Hexapod allied infantry buff adjusted so it consistently gives +25% additional armor.
  • The Wormhole has been tweaked so units may enter it easier.
  • Infestation Hive cost reduced from 1000$ to 800$.
  • Eradicator Hexapod Ravager hardpoint pre attack delay reduced from 0.7s to 0.4s, reload time increased from 1.5s to 1.8s.
  • Mechapede stealth detection range increased from 100 to 125.
  • PAC damage vs Stealth Tanks reduced by 25%.
  • Buzzers combined with vehicles reveal stealth in a 25% larger radius.
  • Gun/Shardwalker have a slightly increased firing arc.
  • Phased units while EMP’d no longer remain phased permanently -  thanks to a discovery made by Firehawk-Ph4ntom.
  • Phase Field duration increased from 30s to 35s.
  • The Mastermind/Prodigy bug where the “Teleport Units” ability fails has been fixed potentially (awaiting testing).
  • Units can no longer be teleported from within a Stasis Shield.
  • Stormriders no longer deal 25% less damage vs Gunwalkers/Shard Walkers.
  • Units will no longer get trapped inside a Stasis Shield from the outside.
  • The Drone Ship now deploys 0.5s faster to match the un-deploy time.



  • Traveler-59 Wormhole cooldown increased from 120s to 180s.


Visual and Sound Changes

  • Fixed the Zone Trooper jump jet mesh occasionally showing .
  • Shredder Turret muzzle flash has been removed  from the preview cursor.
  • The Titan, Battlebase, MARV and Guardian Cannon with railguns now display railgun distortion fx.
  • The GDI Construction Yard pack animation no longer clips.
  • The Redeemer and Purifier will use their own death sounds, not the Avatar ones.
  • GDI Refineries no longer show Tiberium bars after deploying.
  • Space Command Uplink steam fx added to non 4k mod version, and the Sonic Emitter firing fx is now larger.
  • The ZOCOM Harvester now displays the correct formation preview.
  • The Plasma Missile Battery no longer uses the Rift Generator texture when deploying.
  • GDI/Nod faction Harvesters now display the type of Tiberium they’ve harvested. Smoke fx, textures and other particle effects have been added for when Blue Tiberium is harvested. Scrin Harvesters also display unique effects when harvesting Blue Tiberium.


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