Renegade Wars

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Renegade Wars is a unique action-packed, hero-themed game mode map. It is the most complex custom map built to date, featuring various unique game mechanics inspired by 'MOBA' titles. Pick your hero, gain money and levels, make use of powerful upgrades and support powers as you take the fight to your enemy's base.

Gameplay Kane's wrath renegade wars

Quick guide

1) Pick a hero, read the descriptions of its 4 abilities.
2) Buy 1 Regen Pod, Energy Pod and Sensor Pod from the structures tab when inside the spawn/base area.
3) When battle timer starts, quickly go along with your infantry waves to one 1 of the 3 paths.
4) When you Stay behind your infantry, use your hero's ranged abilities to safely attack enemy infantry.
5) DO NOT fight enemy infantry directly without help from friendly infantry and your hero abilities; if you are taking damage immediately retreat behind your infantry
6) If a enemy die in the vicinity of your hero, the enemies automatically provide you money and XP
7) Landing the killing-blow on enemy units gives you significantly more XP.
8) Use Regen Pod if low on health, or use Wormhole near your tower (and 2nd Wormhole at base area) to quickly retreat to base for regeneration - buy 1-2 more Regen Pods if necessary and quickly return to Tower using same Wormhole.
9) Always use Sensor Pods for extra vision and detecting stealth heroes.
10) Save money to buy upgrades from the 3 Market areas to make your hero more powerful.
11) At level 4, all your 4 hero abilities are unlocked; you can then attempt to pressure/destroy enemy Towers or heroes, but remember to focus on gaining money/XP.
12) Use teamwork to destroy enemy Towers or heroes, gradually push into the enemy base.
13) Based on your hero's current requirements, buy the appropriate upgrades and powers at the various shops.
14) When moving around the map far from your towers, you may need to quickly return to base or a tower - for this use the Wormhole Portal power and then use Wormhole near the deployed Wormhole Portal (2nd Wormhole at destination tower/base). If you are quick enough you can even regen at base, buy upgrades and return via the same Wormhole before it expires.
15) Read all the powers and upgrade descriptions, and refer to 'stats' section on this page for more detailed info.


Handicap settings 5-50% on this map give your units a health/damage bonus.
We recommend that if you are a new player, you start with a 25-50% handicap, and as you get better at controlling/using your hero/units, you can reduce the handicap down to 0%.

- Developers: cnc315d4d, Predatore
- Zypherbullet for some texture work and misc assets
- Stygs (Tiberium Wars Advanced) for new predator tank model
- CNCLabs for assets from The Forgotten mod
- Lauren/Bibber for invaluable modding tools and advice

Full guide


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