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4K Add-on for Kanes wrath by Masterleaf
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  • Create Date April 1, 2023
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Alternate 4K By masterleaf

The alternate 4K mod has some additional skins for units.
Some units have been visually improved and the appearance of the units has changed.
We have a standard version of the 4K add-on without these changes and only includes basic improvements. Standaard 4K Add-on

C&C: Kane's wrath 4K Add-on from Masterleaf

Masterleaf's 4K Add-On (Alternate version) remasters much of the game's assets, contains 1.02+ R21 visual improvements, graphical bug fixes and packs new features in the new installer, plus much more.

Update 24 (03/06/2024)

R22c Support Added.

Update 24 (05/05/2024)

R21j Support Added.

Update 23 (29/01/2024)

All Scrin Shield and Nod Stealth flicker bugs in the game have been fixed.

Update 22 (01/01/2024)

Added rank support for R21g

Update 21 (17/11/2023)

Added rank support for R21d

Update 20 (17/10/2023)

Minor improvements and compatibility with the R21 community Patch.

Update 19 (05/07/2023)

Hotfix for the machapide unit

Update 18 (03/07/2023)

  • R20d Support Added.
  • R20d Ranked Map Support Added.

image 2

Update 17 (06/06/2023)

  • R20c Ranked Map Support.
  • Improved Attack Bike Textures.
  • Alt Repair Decal Installer option added (Alternate 4K Mod only).

image 1

Update 16 (16/05/2023)

  • Reaper-17 Minor Forcefield description fixed.
  • Self Illumination strength increased on some models.
  • Improvements to several textures have been made.
  • Installer now closes the game automatically if it's detected to be open.


Update 15 (01/04/2023)

  • R20 support added.
  • Some assets have been improved.

MARV final 4

Update 14 (26/11/2022)

  • Scrin self illumination added.
  • Some minor other fixes have been made.

hexa illumination

Update 13 (23/11/2022)

  • Improved the neutral structure textures.
  • Improved the Slingshot textures.
  • Did some general clean up and reduced the overall size of the add-on.

image 2

Update 12 (12/11/2022)

  • Fixed an issue with the Avatar damaged texture.
  • Updated Scrin Diffuse and Spec maps to include the original mipmap.

Update 11 (06/11/2022)

  • Added a new option to enable bike glows on their rockets.
  • Texture improvement has been made in areas, significant improvement with some of then.


Update 10 (25/08/2022)

  • Removed R18 files from the installer as these are no longer needed.
  • Visual improvements and fixes have been made.

Update 9 (01/08/2022)

  • Support for R19, Quad Turret Shredder Turret Hub no longer invisible.
  • A bunch of things related to the rig have been fixed/added in R19

Hotfix (08/07/2022)

  • Fixed Heavy Harvester damaged texture.
  • Fixed SAM turret stealth detection bone.
  • Fixed Nuclear Missile icon.

Update 8 (06/07/2022)

  • All Nod faction SAM turrets now don't show tib core in the build placement cursor.
  • Nod SAM turret hubs now show tib core missile model when building, furthermore this structure has a really damaged and dying tib core missile model state. Really damaged and rubble animations also added.
  • Battlebase has a brand new animation and glows taken from the cnc3 demo, glows further improved, stealth detector spotlight doesn't follow the radar animation anymore.
  • Fanatic portrait now is the uncensored version from tib wars.
  • Stealth units such as Stealth Tanks, Vertigo Bombers and Specter artillery visually appear unstealthed when really damaged or in dying state.
  • Added missing Nod airtower glows (and improved it)
  • Tiberium core missile bikes, Stealth Tanks, Mantis, SAM turrets and SAM turret hub now show a damaged tib core texture that EA forgot to implement on everything besides the quad turret hub and tech lab tiberium core sub object.
  • Attack Bikes with tib core now show rubble when destroyed.
  • When hosting a lobby on cnc-online R18 maps now appear in the "ranked' maps (useful for quickly finding popular maps).

tib core sam turret

Update 7 (19/06/2022):

  • Fixed user reported issues.
  • Remade the repair tool icon.
  • Railgun Accelerator ST Guardian Cannons now show effects, adjusted the draws.

unknown 2


Hotfix (06/06/2022):

  • Command Post glows on night maps in R18 maps not longer appear pink.

Update 6 (04/06/2022):

  • Major overhaul, textures now retain original texture in the mipmap
  • Texture detail across the board improved

Update 5 (25/05/2022):

  • Many of the bump maps have been improved.
  • More detail added to a number of textures.
  • Mantis formation preview has been fixed.


Update 4 (05/05/2022):

  • Major Update. Support Power decals, unit and structure portraits improved substantially.
  • Normal maps for scrin and gdi improved significantly.
  • The alt version has a couple new portraits for units.
  • Many structures and units have been visually improved from the last release.
  • Scrin Harvesters now show player color on the body like in Tiberium Wars.


Update 3 (19/04/2022):

  • Some more cleaning under the hood. Some 1.02+ visual bugs have been fixed in this. I've added damaged states for the MoK venom with SCPB.
  • The Nod Air Tower landing pad has been retextured


Update 2 (29/03/2022):

  • Thanks to Lauren I've been able to fix the long load delays in 1.02+ R18 maps. No longer is Vsync required to be off for the maps load fast.


  • Added alt rocket trail option that was present in the 1.02+ installer. Those trails can now be enabled in the 4k addon installer.

alt trails



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