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In de video below how to play Kanes wrath online, how to install the latest patch, 4K add-on

You need the following downloads

Optional Downloads

Information community patch and official patch

Official EA patch (retail DVD) (No steam, No EA app)
Details community patch and 4K mod


When I launch my game using the C&C:Online launcher, I get the following error:
CA public key patching routine failed

Solution:  Set Steam, Origin or your DVD Game shortcut  and the C&C:Online Launcher to launch as administrator, make sure to follow the Hooking procedure. 


When I launch my game, I’m getting the following error:
Missing Required file “Ssleay32.dll”. 

Solution: When you encounter this issue, make sure that you have followed the Hooking procedure, in some cases will you have to deactivate your Antivirus Software as it might block the hooking process.


I bought the games on Origin and the C&C:Online launcher keeps saying:
the installation cannot be found. Or: You can not login.

Make sure to run the game with admin rights. Also unhook your game again
Solution 1 (C&C3 & RA3): Go into Origin, click the game (in this case either C&C3 or RA3), click the settings button to the left of “play”. Click “Game Properties” and check the box “Disable Origin in game” afterwards and download the ultimate collection launcher Only if you are using the Origin Ultimate Collection 


I’m having trouble using C&C:Online with Steam.

Solution: Make sure that you are following the Hooking procedure
1. If that does not work, set Steam and C&C:Online  to launch as Administrator 
2. After you hooked your game, you can Click the hook menu again and check if there is a small Tick next to the hooked game name
3. Check if your Antivirus contained any files from C&C:Online, as some AVs (Looking at you Norton Antivirus) like to bully C&C:Online and quarantine files from it.
4. If all fails create a support Topic and one of our specialists will help you.

source revora.net


Before you attempt any of these fixes, make sure that you have followed and done this: Unable to establish a connection

Press here

Hooking procedure: Open the C&C:Online Launcher.
On the Top left side of the launcher will you see a small button labeled hook.
Click the hook button.
In the now visible menu, click the game you want to hook.
Close the C&C:Online Launcher.

Kanes wrath online
Press here

Start up your game trough Origin, Steam, GOG, or your DVD Shortcut
before the game boots, the C&C:Online launcher should open.
There you click the game you want to play (IT HAS TO BE HOOKED FOR THIS)
the launcher will now start to start up your game, please note that it might take some time and even show “not responding” give it some time.
Note: especially Red Alert 3 takes a really long time to start on first startup, you can make it go faster after its first properly startup.

I get the following error when logging in:
the transaction timed out without receiving a response.

Solution: This usually happens when you’re logging in with your old nickname (the one used on GameSpy). You’ll have to make a claim here to get that back. We do this avoid impersonation. In the meantime, use a different nickname.

Could Not Connect to Kane’s Wrath Online: after you press multiplayer

Click on picture

Check if you are connecting with the correct IP adres, if you use a vpn you have multiple IP options

Click on picture

Upon login, the game says:
The specified account or sub-account wasn’t found.

Solution: Make sure you have set up a Server Login and that you’re using the right information to log in (you can check under My Account on the website).

  • For C&C3 and Kane’s Wrath, your account name is the Server Login name displayed under My Account on the website.

When I try to log in, I get the following error:
user supplied an incorrect password.

Solution 1: This can be caused by two things. Most commonly this happens when you don’t use the C&C:Online Password but the password you used to create your Revora account. Make sure you use the Server Password displayed under My Account.
Solution 2: This has been reported to happen when the nickname you are attempting to use is too long.
Solution 3: It is possible that you may be using a Foreign Version of Windows, possibly trigger the wrong characters or keyboard layout while attempting to login.
Please log into the website and change the Server Account Password to numbers only and give it another try. If still out of luck and believe something might be wrong with your account, please make a support topic here for further assistance. (Credits to ToxicShock for figuring this out)

Upon login, the game says:
The specified Online ID or account name is already in use.

Solution: Your nickname has probably been reserved. You need to claim your old nicknames. Activating them takes some time. Read the pinned topics. It can also be that a different user already is using a profile with the name you tried to use, in this case you will have to settle on a different nickname.

Upon login, the game says:
Your nickname is bugged as ‘1’ and will forbid online gaming.

Solution: This happens when your account name (your Revora Log In name) has forbidden characters. Please make a thread to request a Log In name change.


source revora.net


– I have trouble connecting to people online (this seems to happen in RA3 the most)

Solution 1: If you got the game(s) through The Ultimate Collection bundle, Download the launcher fix to prevent connection issues to people that don’t have The Ultimate Collection.

Solution 2: If you have any VPNs running, make sure to either deactivate them or you can try to switch to the VPNs IP in the Game’s Network Options
Solution 3: Make sure that your firewall is not Blocking the C&C:Online Launcher, Your game or Gentool. (Google can help you find out how you can check if your firewall is blocking something)
Solution 4: [NOT FOR RA3] Port forwarding: If, when starting a game, your connection always times out, try this:
Lists of Ports that the Games use in case you need it:
Kane’s Wrath
Tiberium Wars
Zero Hour

  • Open UDP port 16000 in your router settings. Go here if you don’t know how. Use this to check if your port was succesfully opened.
  • In the game go to Options > Network and enter 16000 as the static port.

Solution 5: Try opening your DMZ in your router settings. More information on how to do this can be found here.


For people using the TG799vn v2 Router have a look here -> http://forums.revora…ks-with-a-link/


Source revora.net


Kanes wrath 4gb auto-patch from Medstar

This tool reduce the out of memory crash

The game can only use 2GB of ram because
of the limitation of 32bit.
Many players have game crash issues specially on custom maps, large maps or playing mods.
By installing this you increase the ram memory to 4GB.
If you use the 4K mod you do not need this because the 4K mod already has the 4gb patch included.

If you have any problems installing this patch contact us
in our Discord server.


May 09, 2023

The installation manual is no longer required.
We have made an installer that will do it all automatically.

See the link https://kaneswrath.com/download/worldbuilder/

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