Neon Mappack (R20g)

command and conquer patch 1.02 e1717509216250
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  • Version R20G
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  • Create Date May 8, 2023
  • Last Updated July 20, 2023
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Update 14 July 2023
- Update to patch R20e from Masterleaf
Update 13 may 2023
- Installer now includes all map packs 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4, with the installer you can
  choose which one you want to have installed.
Update 1 may 2023
- Reclamator Hub repair decal now only shows to the local player. 
- All Epic Unit facilities have a 25% bigger repair radius. 
- Avatar bike attachment stealth detection range increased from 200 to 300. 
- Redeemer tripoint laser 30d acceptable aim delta from 15d. 
- Weapon ordering on Zone Raiders removed. 
- Flamethrower FX added to the avatar and Purifier. 
- Avatar Commandeer Technology voice sound fixed. 
- Avatar missing move animation sound added. 
- Harvester geometry reverted and changed to test a new fix. 
- Desolator trooper has added a new map to this version and updated Mushroom Party. 
- Avatar/Purifier flamethrower launch bone fixed. 
- Allied Nod and GDI Repair drones now repair Mechapedes in team games. 
- Voice of Kane limit of 1 removed. 
- Decoy Temple of Nod now has the same description as the real one. 
- Warp Chasm delay before spawning vehicles has been removed. 
- GDI Mammoth Tank RGA smoke FX removed. 
- Voice of Kane buff decal now only shows to the local player. 
- Subway Nodes and Hubs no longer reward experience. 
- Tiberian Pantanal no longer shows health bars on map objects.

Update 12 april 2023
Fixed 2 sounds of the Reaper Tripod conversion beam and Avatar Commandeer Technology voice sound
  • Contains maps edite by BlackNeon


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