R19J 3vs3 4vs4 and FFA Map Pack

command and conquer patch 1.02 e1717509216250
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  • Version R19J
  • File Size 383 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Downloads 154
  • Create Date September 20, 2022
  • Last Updated November 14, 2023

This patch isn't compatable with any community patch higher than patch R20.
You have to reinstall any other patch after you installed R19 or a desynchronization of the game may accort.

This patch has been replaced https://kaneswrath.com/community-patch/

!!! This patch is outdated !!!

1.02+ R19 Change List
R19j Update
  • Ravagers can now target Black Hand and MoK power plants with Tiberium Agitation (before it was limited to Nod Power Plants due to a copy paste error by EA).
  • The Ceramic Armor Hammerhead now displays Ceramic Armor on the debris.
  • MoK Venoms SCPB now displays correctly.
  • Toxin segment Mechapedes no longer heal the Hexapod at double the rate.
  • The Mechapede crash issue has been resolved.
  • GDI V35 OX vehicle transports now have sound.
  • Four new maps by Aquatech were added: Nova Raparius, Southland Shores, Desolate Overpass and Ruthless Sertäo.
  • Tournament Reef has been removed.
  • GDI foxholes without the 4k mod installed will now display player color correctly.
  • Tournament Odyssey RZ no longer displays a message at the start of the match.
  • Mechapede Disc segment damage increase vs non air targets by 50%. (1.03 stats were copied by accident in 1.02+). 

Global Changes

  • Laser Fences can no longer be cast on buildings that are in the damaged state (66% or less health), the armor buff is removed at 66% health.
  • Outpost health increased from 2300 to 3000. Unpack time reduced from 30s to 20s. Emissary/Surveyor/Explorer Health Increased from 2000 to 2600.
  • Combat Support Airfield, Nod Support Airfield hp increased from 2000 to 4000.
  • GDI/Nod Commando Sniper armor buff to survive 2 veteran Sniper Team shots. Sniper damage resistance increased from 75 to 50. Gun, grenade armor increased by 20%.
  • GDI/Nod commando weapon preference changed from most damage to most range (to prevent the commando trying to c4 walkers in the presence of infantry).
  • Infantry now take 20% less incoming damage while in cover.
  • GDI/Nod faction surveyor, emissary vision range normalized to match the Scrin Explorer.

GDI Global

  • Mammoth Tank turret turn speed increased 25%.
  • Sensor Pod detection radius nerf introduced in 1.02+ undone. The detection range has been  increased from 350 to 400.
  • Stratofighter cost increased from 1000$/30s to 1500$/45s.
  • AP Ammo Watchtowers now deal 15% less damage against vehicles.
  • Hammerhead range reduced from 300 to 285.
  • Shatterer rocket damage resistance increased by 15%. (100 to 85).
  • Supersonic Airstrike cost increased from 2000$ to 2500$.
  • Grenadier armor increased by 25%, sniper damage resistance increased by 25%.
  • Guardian cannon with railgun damage increased from 525 to 650.
  • Commandos/Zone Troopers/Raiders are now untargetable while using the "jump jet" ability.
  • Power Packs heal twice as fast when out of combat and idle, delay is more than halved before they start healing.


  • Juggernaut turret turn speed decreased by 25%.


  • ZOCOM Orca cost reduced to 1300$ (and xp bug fixed).
  • ZOCOM Ion Cannon cost reverted to 5000$.

Steel Talons

  • Behemoth turret turn speed decreased by 25%.

Nod Global

  • Quad Turrets have been brought back, desync issue fixed thanks to a suggestion by DarthJane (Lauren).
  • Quad Turrets cost increased to 1500$ / 45s.
  • Quad Turret animations and issues fixed, Shredder Hub build animation provided by theHostileNegotiator.
  • Charged, Supercharged Particle Beam Shredder damage decreased to compensate for the 4th turret added by Quad Turrets. (40 to 30).
  • Charged, Supercharged Particle Beam Shredder Turrets now deal 15% less damage against vehicles.
  • Tiberium Core Missile SAM damage decreased to compensate for the 4th turret added by Quad Turrets. (225 to 168).
  • The really damaged state with Quad Turret Shredder Turrets will no longer occasionally break the turret. Turret bones have been fixed.
  • Dozer blades armor bonus increased from 15% to 25%.
  • Radar Jamming Missile time increased from 10s to 15s.
  • Redeemer Engineering Facility animations fixed when really damaged.
  • Shadow Team range nerf in 1.02+ undone. 200 range increased to 225.
  • Vertigo Bomber reload time decreased from 12s to 10s.
  • Vertigo Disruption Pod duration increased  from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.
  • Confessor Cabals/Nod Confessors now can path through each other like all other infantry.


  • Raider Buggy damage with laser capacitors vs infantry increased from 50% to 75%. This should make it slightly better than the Raider Buggy without this upgrade, not worse.

Black Hand

  • Confessor Cabal rangefinder range increased from 180 to 250.
  • Black Hand Power Signature Scan 0$ reload time reduced from 60s to 45s.

Marked of Kane

  • Enlightened hp increased from 650 to 750.
  • Tiberium Trooper hp increased from 300 to 350.
  • Supercharged Particle Beams build time increased to 1:15 (2500$ should correspond with 1:15, not 1:00).

Scrin Global

  • Plasma Missile Battery upgraded with Shard Launchers clip size reduced from 15 to 7.
  • The Mechapede Crash issue has been resolved thanks to Lauren aka DarthJane.
  • Storm Column's now have a 105% damage scaler vs Firehawks.
  • Ravagers take 25% of cloaking field support power damage like other advanced infantry units.
  • Ravager range increased from 250 to 325. Rangefinder range increased from 170 to 220.
  • Ion Storm buff duration increased from 10s to 15s.
  • Shock Trooper's now shoot moving targets more reliably.
  • Growth Accelerator/Stimulators armor normalized with other structures. HP increased from 1000 to 1500.
  • VScrin/R17 Shock Trooper blink cooldown reduced from 30s to 15s.
  • Gunwalker damage bonus to Cultists reduced from 300% to 150%.
  • Eradicator Hexapod healrate reduced by 25% with Corruptors/Mechapedes.
  • Storm Columns now shoot after the build animation has completed. This makes it consistent with the other bases defenses, fixes the firing fx of the first shot and also allows Scrin players to target a unit when it’s placed.
  • Ravager Tiberium Agitation now fires from each Ravager member a projectile that deals 1000 damage instead of a single one that deals 3000.
  • Ravager Tiberium Agitation now deals the full damage against all Scrin vehicles besides the Mechapede, where a 50% damage scaler exists.
  • Ravagers now detect stealth like all other infantry, their ability to shoot moving targets has also been improved.


  • Blue Shard ravager damage increased from 180 to 200.
  • Reaper-17 outpost speed has been normalized to all of the other outposts 50 -> 60.
  • Shardwalker damage bonus to Cultists reduced from 300% to 200%.


  • Advanced Articulator speed bonus decreased by 10% across the board, undoing the buff in 1.02.
  • Traveler-59 Disintegrator armor now normalized to all the other Disintegrators.
  • Prodigy hp has been increased to match the Mastermind (1000 to 1250).
  • Prodigy teleport range reduced from 750 to 600.


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