Welcome to the community website

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Welcome to the Kane’s wrath community

First of all welcome to the community website for all Kane’s wrath players and fans!.
If you from outside the Kane’s wrath community you are more than welcome to join us.

First of all why a new website?
The straight answer is there is no good alternative Kane’s wrath website.
We want our community to grow.
And we want to keep our good community alive !
We are a place for information like the  latest 1.02 patch, mods and help with the worldbuilder.
We will add a guide on how to setup the game and play online
We are the best place to share content.
A place for the “Kane’s wrath” community to feel home.
But we can’t do it without you commander !!!
Since the come of Discord website’s are not a “must have”  but we think we can offer the community something!

We need you today!
This is not going to work without the help of every community member.

It would be great if you can post in our News-feed channel and post in our forums and create content for everyone.
maybe you can help us to build this place up with a good guide on how to get the game up and running.
All help is welcome.
Anything to keep this game alive and take the community to the next level !

If you would like to make articles or a guide for Kane’s wrath please click on the link below
How to make articles

The website is brand new and still under construction.
We planning to do some future upgrade.
You can expect us to host Tournaments and game nights !!!
Please let us know if you find any issues on the website.

Feel free to join our discord

Kanes wrath discord


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